EQMAR is a leading manufacturer of mill rolls for roll stands for metallurgical industry.

Mill rolls are destined to perform a principle operation of the roll stands – elastic deformation of metal and rendering the required dimensions and cross profile of a work piece.


Mill roll consists of the following parts:

  • roll body (the part that comes into direct contact and deforms the metal of the work piece);
  • support part or roll necks (the supporting part mounted on bearings)
  • roll drive end (the part that couples the roller to the drive by means of a coupling or a spindle).

Depending on type of the used bearings, they may be tapered (film-lubrication bearings) or cylindrical (for antifriction bearings).

Roll drive end face design varies depending on type of roll stand and its capacity: square, wobble, double-D, grooved, keyway, splined, palm end or simple cylindrical face.

Depending on application purpose, the body of the mill rolls may be grooved (for profile rolling) or plain (for flat rolling).

Mill rolls play a critical role in metal rolling process as they are directly involved in elastic deformation of metal by pressing it in order to achieve the required dimensions and cross profile.

Forces applied to the components of a roll stand during operation are transmitted to the mill rolls; that is why wear resistance and surface hardness are the key factors determining durability of the mill rolls.



During the manufacturing process, a particular attention is paid to the quality assessment both at the stage of primary machining and finished product, including the following:

  • raw material chemical analysis;
  • hardness of working surface;
  • roughness of working surface;
  • metal structure of surface area.

Moreover, other factors are also analyzed:

  • mill roll structure;
  • dimensions and centricity.

Mill rolls produced by EQMAR feature improved wear resistance, hardness and high performance characteristics.

All EQMAR products undergo the most thorough quality assurance and tests for compliance with the international quality standards.


EQMAR's professional team is always ready to assist you with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions that turn challenges into successes