EQMAR is a leading manufacturer of riders for pusher-type and walking-beam reheating furnaces.

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Riders are the devices, which improve the thermal processing of metal at temperatures of 1100-1200°C and under high mechanical loads. Moreover, they reduce contact area of metal with cold spots of skid pipes and their wear.

Riders are used to enhance uniform heating of work pieces and prevent dark spots in places of contact with walking beams. It is achieved by minimizing metal contact with cold areas of skid pipes and wear protection.

Riders are made of heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant and high quality materials to ensure reliable operation at elevated temperatures and mechanical loads



Riders application benefits:

  • significantly smaller contact area, which helps to avoid dark spots;
  • better and uniform heating along the whole length of work pieces;
  • better metal heating performance prior to metal rolling due to lower temperature difference across the cross-section of heated slabs and work pieces to 5-20 °C;
  • lower loads on mill rollers, resulting in longer service life;
  • better furnace performance - up to 20%;
  • lower metal loss in slag - to 0.12-0.25%; 
  • lower crop losses of metal due to homogeneous deformation at rolling; 
  • energy saving at rolling stands due to lower metal rolling force required.

Riders offered by EQMAR are designed to solve the problem of dark spots in low-temperature contact areas between mill rollers and work pieces. Riders contribute to homogeneous heating along the length of work pieces, which results in lower defect rates and higher quality of the steel products.


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