The system, located inside the fixed offshore platform column, consists of two anodes – copper and aluminum.

Hydroxide, generated by aluminum anode, flocculates copper released from copper anode. Copper flakes are distributed in slow-moving water layers, preventing larvae of sea animals from settling on equipment and offshore platform structures.

Besides growth prevention and protection against corrosion, the system can prevent fish from entering the fixed offshore platform column by combining it with fish protection device. 

The system has a number of advantages:

The system excludes use of any chemicals, which avoids harming marine life;
Protects the equipment both from marine growth and corrosion
Easy installation and dismantling of anodes.

The operating principle of fish protection device is rather simple: lattice on the shell and constant water flow prevent fish from entering the device due to operation of submersible pumps.

Artificial water stream, turbulence excitations generating microimpulse pressure fluctuations, and safety screen have an impact on vision, lateral line, and hearing of fish, enabling its movement into safe area.


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