A range of filters supplied by our company can be divided into two main types – industrial and hydraulic filters.



A standard range of industrial filters includes simplex, duplex and backwashing devices. The products ensure filtration of hot water, diesel fuel, sea water and are used at treating plants of oil & gas complex.
Upon request special industrial and process filters can be manufactured according to client’s drawing. We ensure product supplies warranted by authorized dealer.



Hydraulic filters include suction, delivery and discharge types.

Hydraulic filters are designed to prevent ingress of contaminants into hydraulic system and to protect the system against damages during operation. Filters supplied by our company ensure fine filtration of operating medium and minimum pressure drop.



A wide range of replaceable components includes the majority of well-known brands (e.g. PALL, HYDAC among other 300 brands). Strict production control guarantees full compliance of equivalents to original filters as to technical parameters.


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