Accidents at the industrial processing facilities generally occur due to the malfunction of the equipment during procedures, which are performed rarely, but when performed improperly or inaccurately may cause catastrophic consequences. Startup and shutdown of technological processes, technical maintenance and work shifts handover are common examples of operations, where insignificant errors or insufficient alertness of operating staff may cause the severest and irreversible consequences.

Our valve operation safety equipment provides sequential mechanical operations interlocking and exclude human errors. Interlocks guarantee sequential opening or closing of specific valves exactly in accordance with the specified algorithms, simply by taking a valve operator from one step to another. The requirement of using a unique key for each step guides the operator on the preset operation sequence.

Safe and efficient valve operation


Valve interlocks guarantee safety and a right-first-time approach to manual valve operation through a key transfer principle. Valve interlocks are mechanical devices which are permanently mounted to your equipment. They avoid operator error by forcing operators to follow recommended procedures. By eliminating human error, they save money and remove safety risks


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