Fluid Transfer Systems provide safe and efficient loading and offloading operations in various offshore and onshore applications. Typically, these systems will utilise flexible pipe to transfer crude oil or other media in dynamic applications, and include means for storage, deployment and recovery of the flexible pipe, and will incorporate power, control and utility equipment.
Various hose storage reels, chutes or outboard platform stations are available, specifically configured and designed to suit individual applications and installations worldwide. Tandem Mooring, handling and storage systems complement our Fluid Transfer Systems. EQMAR provide comprehensive and fully integrated transfer systems with reliable and simple operation.


Practical applications:

  • Crude Oil Loading/Offloading
  • Methanol Loading/Offloading
  • Condensate Offloading
  • Well Intervention / Work-Over Systems

Our Equipment Solutions:

  • Hose Reel Systems (Bow & stern deck storage arrangement)
  • Hose Chute System (Inboard hose connection – supported hose arrangement)
  • Cantilever A-Frame system (Outboard hose connection – hanging hose arrangement)
  • LP/HP Hose Storage Reel, Spooling & Sheave Systems
  • Umbilical Storage Reel
  • Special/Bespoke Systems

Our Equipment Integration:

  • Electro/Hydraulic Power Unit or Ring Main Systems
  • PLC Control & Monitoring Systems
  • ICS Interfaces
  • Foundation/Deck Loading Analysis


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