Hose Loading Stations provide safe and efficient operation and storage of bulk loading hoses used for fluid or powder transfer operations. Single, double or multi-reel stations are available, specifically configured and designed to suit individual applications and installations worldwide.

Hose assemblies, connectors and reel pipe work materials are selected for compatibility with project specifications.

The stations are supplied with self-contained hydraulic power and control units. Optional pneumatic or electrical drive and control systems are available.


Practical applications:

  • Drill Fluid/Powder Bunkering/Loading (Semi-Submersibles , Jack-Ups, Drill-Ships)
  • Potable Water/Diesel Replenishment (FPSO, FSO, FSU etc.)
  • Seawater Delivery (Semi-submersibles, Jack-ups etc.)
  • Methanol Bunkering

Our Equipment Solutions:

  • Multi-Reel Hose Stations
  • Double Reel Hose Stations
  • Single Reel Hose Stations
  • Arctic/Harsh Environment/Winterization
  • 10 - 20 Bar WP Heavy-Duty Kink-Recoverable Hose Assemblies
  • Supply Cessel Connection Compatibility (i.e. Todo, Wing Unions, Marpol, etc)
  • Special/Bespoke Systems

Our Equipment Integration:

  • Self-contained Electro/Hydraulic Power Unit or Ring Main Systems
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Drive
  • Electrical Control & Monitoring Systems
  • Foundation/Deck Loading Analysis


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