Tandem Mooring Systems provide safe and efficient tandem mooring operations between FPSO and Shuttle Tankers. The systems provide a means for storage, deployment and recovery of the Mooring Hawser/Chafe Chain/Messenger Line Assembly and Integrated Mooring Point, with full load quick release facility. In addition, hydraulic power/control utility and load monitoring/data logging equipment can be incorporated.

Various systems are available, specifically configured and designed to suit individual applications and installations worldwide. The Tandem Mooring Systems can complement our range of Fluid Transfer Systems utilising common power and control arrangements. EQMAR provides comprehensive and fully integrated systems with reliable and simple operation. Systems are tailored to meet specific client requirements.


FPSO/FSO Tandem Crude Oil Loading/Offloading

LNG FPSO Tandem Condensate Offloading

CALM Crude Oil Offloading

Our Equipment Solutions:

  • Load Monitoring/Data Logging Systems
  • Mooring Hawser Assemblies (OCIMF 2000)
  • Mooring Hawser Reel Storage Systems
  • Integrated Mooring Point c/w Emergency Release (Full-load)
  • Inboard/Outboard Fairleads
  • Single/Double Mooring Hawser Configurations
  • ETS (IMO-MSC 35(63))
  • Special/Bespoke Systems

Our Equipment Integration:

ICS Interfaces

Electro/Hydraulic Power or Ring Main Systems

PLC Control & Monitoring System

Foundation/Deck Loading Analysis


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