Tanker Loading & Unloading system offers significant improvements over conventional port and terminal fluid transfer systems such as reduced loading times, less dock space, increased safety and reliability.

EQMAR are a proven global supplier of fluid transfer systems to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, delivering solutions to major blue chip companies worldwide.

Working together with an international petrochemical company has developed a new, more efficient loading and unloading system that facilitated reduced loading times, less demurrage and sustainable future increase in volume.

The solution provided by EQMAR was a multiproduct loading system that allowed simultaneous and safe loading of fluids to product tankers fulfilling the clients key project drivers.

The equipment is often installed in extreme and harsh environments with some of the world's toughest safety requirements.


EQMAR's professional team is always ready to assist you with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions that turn challenges into successes