The station for preparing a solution of salt consists of a tank, in the lower part of which there is a choke connected to the inlet of a chemical pump. On one of the walls of the tank is fixed a shaft in which a float valve is installed.

Inside the tank there is a salt basket. In the basket is mounted a sprinkler - a contour from a pipe having a number of small holes. The sprinkler is connected to the outlet of the chemical pump. At the bottom of the basket there are several rows of large holes that on the inside cover the net that holds the salt in the basket.

Principle of operation

To prepare a solution of salt, the tank is filled with water and a chemical pump is turned on. Pump, taking water from the tank, gives it to the sprinkler. Through small holes in the sprinkler, water under pressure enters the basket, dissolving the salt in it. Then the water, after passing the mesh and rows of large holes in the basket, returns to the tank.


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